New Town

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  • Pictures say more than words. Start time will be on 14.8.2022 at 12 noon.

    Changelog v3.00


    1 free immediate building permit
    Transfer of building permits to Mooshain only after 6 months (Easter 2023)
    The next newly built building will be ready immediately
    At destination Mooshain, reputation in Mooshain display
    TV commercial starts
    With cookie reset or a new company, Mooshain is loaded first
    Minimap revised
    City map graphic revised
    Building map improved
    Better indication of the planned building size
    The new building now takes no longer than the expansion
    Returnees whose buildings were demolished after 50 days will now receive up to 10 instant build tickets. However, the demolition after 50 days of inactivity also means that the vehicles are stolen
    Easier entry for new players: the construction of a shop is specified and unnecessary menu items are hidden
    The first two products also receive 50 quality and reputation directly in Mooshain
    Depending on the situation, a certain m² number is suggested in the construction menu
    More than 255 building permits per city and category are now possible
    New record list: the largest employer in the city
    Economy minimum/maximum adjusted
    Saltwater Fish can now also be farmed in Mossshire Product
    overview now shows the sales buildings
    Cash book is now also displayed after midnight and only deleted at 8 a.m
    When the next building permit is available, this is now always displayed
    Shows the Mooshain trailer while the game is closed

    bug fixes

    Lokalo now also sells baby food and also in Mooshain
    Car transports are only displayed once a product has been researched
    A fleet of vehicles is built in Mooshain for each company
    More than 999 students can now be assigned to the training center at the same time
    Fixed display in Quest 4 and 7 when building no longer exists
    The current version is now automatically displayed in the last line
    Fix minimum size on cancel
    Kirschkuchen now requires 400m² of space and 800m² of transport, so that errors do not occur, the checkmark for "suitable vehicle" has been removed from existing Kirschkuchen ATs

  • There are 4 recorded cities. Reibach, Zasterhausen, Groschenheim and Mooshain. Each of these cities can be reached from the other city.

    The bulletin board, the city maps, the wholesale market, the sales overview, the reputation of the goods and the labor market are separate.

    Shipping between cities costs product level x 7% ( level 0 = 0% ) of the wholesale market price of the goods in customs. This cost is to be paid by the recipient of the goods. Goods can only be shipped to buildings owned by you or another player. It is not possible to ship to the wholesale market or consortium wholesale market of the other city.

    New products are researched globally. The quality of all products is researched globally.

    The reputation of the product is limited to the city. The reputation must be increased within the boundaries of the city. The same is true for building reputation.

    Building permits must be applied for locally in each city. The duration and the fees are calculated globally. Each player gets one free building permit per city for the new city! The building permits cannot be transferred to the new city within the first 6 months.

    A new city starts with 1 million inhabitants.

    Depending on the number of inhabitants, it is possible to build corresponding stores in the corresponding levels.

    1 million inhabitants: level 0 and level 1

    from 1,5 Mio. inhabitants: Level 2

    from 2 Mio. inhabitants: Level 3

    from 2.5 million inhabitants: Level 4

    from 3 million inhabitants: Level 5

    Newcomers automatically start in the newest or youngest city. However, it is also possible to select one of the older cities to start the game.